The healthy, the nice and the naughty!

Hey guys!

So as promised my day off eating habits are here and what better day to write about than on my rest day before a night shift!

With a busy schedule of work, training and tasting I find it hard sometimes to ensure I stick to a healthy diet when I am chilling out. There will be no ‘fluffing’ up of my food habits. This not only for you to see what I really eat, but it is good for me to identify where I am at fault and sort my eating regime out ready for avoiding the Christmas binge!! Yes I said the C word 🙊

So breakfast…pretty much the same as my work days, a protein shake and weetabix. Always my staple brekkie fix. If I am feeling particularly awake I will cook up eggs of some type, be it boiled, poached or scrambled.

Lunchtime is usually a well behaved affair also, with a balance of macronutrient heaven. Today consisted of a thin gammon steak, scrambled egg with kale and sweet potato. On my days off I usually have my bigger meal at lunch to then have a good couple of hours to digest before an afternoon gym session. On other days I tend to have things like a chicken Caesar salad, sweet potato baked with tuna or soup and a roll with a shake or protein snack to help keep my protein intake frequent.
4pm snack time then hits and I raid the fruit bowl! I love bananas and satsumas, blueberries and raspberries so if any of these are around I grab them. If not, I will admit the chocolate monster hits and my craving for the dark one takes over! I either nibble on dark chocolate or if I really fancy it I have a plain chocolate choc ice! I love ice cream!! Although frozen yoghurt tends to curb those cravings if I have any *puts this in shopping list*.

Dinner time can really vary but lately my mother and I have been eating together when I am home and we eat a lot of fish. Salmon and cod are definite crowd pleasers for us and we tend to buy them in the cook bags for the oven with a herb butter. So cheap and easy to do, especially if it is my turn to cook and I have just trained! We usually have this with rice and veg. My favourite day off dinner would be a roast chicken with loads of fresh salad and sweet potato wedges! Now it may sound healthy but we do love proper goose fat on the wedges and they are amazing if part boiled beforehand as they crisp up more in the oven!

This is the point where my sweet tooth definitely takes over!! So in order to avoid the sweet shelf in the fridge (which sometimes doesn’t happen and me and Mr Mars Bar become better acquainted) I have taken to tinned fruit and whipped cream. Again not the best dessert but I am not a competition queen, I just want to have a healthy balanced diet. 
So there you have it…a brief overview of my day off routine. I hope it gives you a little peek into what a normal diet for me looks like, sweet treats and all! 
Next up this week I will be shedding light on the best way to build up your deadlifts, using percentage training over a ten week programme. 
T xoxo